What is the best way to market my construction trade skills?

See what catches their attention and make a presence there, form a content creation team. Attract leads with a lead magnet.

What is the best way to market my construction trade skills?

See what catches their attention and make a presence there, form a content creation team. Attract leads with a lead magnet. Whether it's a one-person company or has a marketing team dedicated to construction, the industry faces unique challenges. From job hazards to competing for larger projects with other companies, it's important not to let your marketing strategy take a back seat while your competitors are left with all the local jobs.

So what can your construction company do to stand out? Here are 11 construction marketing tips to outperform your competitors on bookings. Did you know that 63% of customers primarily use a contracting company's website to find and interact with them, and 30% don't consider a company that doesn't have a website? , according to Blue Corona. Not only is guerrilla marketing a fun way to get away from the computer, it also allows you to unleash your creativity and can often be the most attractive way to get new customers. Try an old waiting sign, such as signs at your current workplace, or something out of the ordinary, such as a flash mob with “Brick House” at a local hardware store.

Whether you prefer to play it safe or experiment, the options are endless when it comes to guerrilla marketing. If you're looking for more ideas to start with, WordStream also has an excellent publication with “More than 20 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas That Will Blow You Away”, which will probably inspire you. When people search for construction-related businesses in their area, they'll see a local 3-pack on the search engine results page. This local 3-pack includes information on major local construction companies and a map of local contractors.

Appearing in this local pack of 3 ads significantly increases your company's visibility on the Internet, since 93% of online experiences start with a search engine and 95% of search traffic goes to the results on the first page. Social networks serve as another point of contact for potential customers and an effective way to promote your business. By sharing your blog posts, videos, and photos through social media, you can naturally expand your reach and increase your customer base. For example, with market segmentation, you can show an advertisement about building restaurants to users who have been researching the construction of restaurants online.

However, while, like many industries, construction has faced many challenges during the pandemic, many companies see this moment as a way to be creative with their construction marketing, not only to survive, but also to build a better brand. Last but not least, a great way to take your construction marketing efforts to the next level is to partner with a company similar to yours to cross-promote and expose your construction company to a whole new market. While a maintenance service is distinguished by being an expert in all trades (and not dominating any), a construction company is usually better if it has experience and a reputation for specific types of jobs. So what are your steps if you're a contractor, developer, or construction business owner looking to use construction marketing to establish and grow your brand? Here are some ideas that will help you “build your brand”, increase qualified leads and put your company before the right decision makers.

There are many ways to get your business to potential customers, including traditional marketing options for construction companies, such as mail-order advertisements, banners, trade shows and workplace barriers, and new forms of advertising, such as paid web ads and social media marketing...

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